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Client Testimonials for Robyn Lee

Eric and Alex
My partner and I transplanted ourselves from Atlanta to NYC. I seriously recommend going the broker route.. Better available apartments and they may be able to negotiate some rates to help out. It was a smooth and stress free transaction. Robyn, thank you so much!. We love our new Hells Kitchen home!
Cole Smith
Hands down, Robyn, you are the best broker in NYC.
Thanks for everything!
Javier, Clinton Manor Associates
Wow, you're AWESOME!! Thanks for doing what no other agent was able to do "Rent MY APTS" Thank you!

Client Testimonials for Valerie Marasco

Tom Port

I had a wonderful experience with, The Mason Group. I dealt with Valerie. She was professional, sincere, straight forward, and non-pushy. It's nice to know there are still brokers out there who are willing to help in the process rather than just make a quick buck.

Client Testimonials for Brad Brown

We had a WONDERFUL experience with Brad to find our 1-bedroom in Park Slope. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a place- he was wonderful and the best broker I''ve worked with!

Client Testimonials for Stefano Pascente

Sean Farrell
Stefano is hands down the best realtor I've worked with. He went above and beyond to find the perfect apartment for us.
Mark C
Stefano is hands down the best realtor i've ever worked with. He had a ton of amazing apartments lined up for me to see, and when I found one I liked, he was there every step of the way to help me through the process. He's extremely responsive via text, phone and email and will go above and beyond to make sure everything goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Client Testimonials for Heidi Murga

Susan Trenton
I had the best experience with The Mason Group. Heidi was wonderful. She was very informative and very reliable. The application process was really quick. The broker Robyn was awesome! We got approved and signed leases the same day!
I highly recommend this company!